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Caring for your Orchid

Orchid 101 (The basics to a happy orchid)
~Orchids love a breeze.
Airflow helps the orchid defend itself from pests and diseases.  This also helps to prevent spots on the blooms.

~Feed me!!!!
It's best to fertilize your orchid with a fertilizer specifically mixed for orchids.  If you are unable to find an orchid fertilizer, use one that the middle number is larger than any of the other numbers.  We recommend that you dilute your fertilizer - so if the instructions say one tablespoon per gallon of water, use half a tablespoon.  Fertilize your orchid once a week when you water it.  Only fertilize orchids that are actively growing.  Be sure to always measure the amount of fertilizer that you are using.  Do not guess, as this usually leads to over fertilization.  Water an orchid right before you fertilize it.  This prevents the orchid from getting damaged by the fertilizer.

~Orchids like to get parched?
Yes! Orchids like to dry out between watering.  Remember they are air plants.  They do not like standing in water.  The number one cause of death of orchids is too much water.   Most orchid lovers "accidently" kill their orchids by overwatering.  Water once a week and after watering, allow all the water to drain before returning it to it's container or saucer.

~Is my orchid  "Temper"amental?
Yes.  Your orchid will not be happy if it is too cold or too hot.  Between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit is the desired "temper"ature.

~Shady orchid?
Orchids indigenously grow in trees.  They thrive in the bright yet indirect sunlight that a tree's canopy provides.  Keep that in mind when placing an orchid in your lanai or near a window.

Over time, you will develop more questions regarding your orchid.  Please call us or pop in to visit with our Eastfork Orchids Family.  If you wish to show off your thriving orchid, we'd love to see that too!

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